An Angel Speaks

by Bob Putman, Director of Communications

To celebrate Christ's coming, we share a series of four blogs this Advent season. 

Read Matthew 1:18-25

His beloved Mary, to whom he is engaged, is a beautiful young woman. And now Joseph, a carpenter and godly man, has learned she is pregnant by someone else. Tormented by her apparent adultery, he prays fervently and wracks his brain to resolve the scandal. His conscience forbids him from marrying a defiled woman, but his kindness will not permit him to shame Mary through the humiliation of public divorce. Then the answer comes: a private divorce before two witnesses, a face-saving legal escape. 

Enter “an angel of the Lord,” likely Gabriel, who previously appeared to both Mary and her uncle Zechariah. As Joseph dreams one night, the angel steps in. “Joseph, son of David,” he announces, “do not fear to take Mary as your wife.” The child she carries will be a descendent of Israel’s great King David and its High Priest Aaron (Luke 1:5). But who is the child’s father? God, “the Holy Spirit.” Furthermore, this child of woman and of God, will be named Jesus and will save his people (of all nations and languages) “from their sins.” Liberty from their Roman overlords isn’t mentioned.

Three times an angel has spoken to confirm that God himself is entering humanity, newborn of a virgin, to redeem our fallen world and live among us, his people. This great supernatural invasion opens the door to the wonder of Christmas. Yet there’s more to come.


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