Altadena Baptist Church experiences amazing grace in Ghana

Altadena Baptist Church

Altadena Baptist Church (Pasadena, California) sent a team to visit Amazing Grace Preparatory School in Ghana, to connect with the children and staff. The church has been partnering with the school for over eight years.

The team fundraised to help put in a new playground, along with structures and landscaping, for the kindergarteners, on what previously had been a dirt lot. The team says the new area generated a lot of enthusiasm for kids of all ages.

During the week they worked (lightly) at campus beautification projects: painting and moving bricks. They also helped with a photography class, gave out a small gift to each child and interviewed children for future scholarships.

They also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the school, which enrolls more than 470 children. Top students recited, danced, performed and received awards. Local dignitaries spoke. Alumni also gathered in front of the school for a special presentation.

    Point - September 2018

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