Almagd TV reaching Muslims with the gospel

Michael Smith
Almagd TV

Abdu, a 13-year-old boy from Iraq, became a follower of Christ after watching the Jesus Film on our channel. He shared that since he was 5 he would see Jesus in his dreams. Abdu has experienced persecution because of his faith, but our team encourages him with Bible verses and prayer.”

This is just one of several stories of hope Converge missionary Samya J. has received since she and her husband Mike started Almagd TV in October 2017.

Almagd TV is a Christian satellite channel broadcasting evangelistic programs, apologetics, discipleship teachings and worship in Arabic throughout the Middle East.

There are 1.67 billion Muslims in the world. Four hundred million of them speak Arabic and 300 million speak English as their first or second language.

According to a July 2016 Pew Research study, the world’s total population is expected to rise to 9.3 billion between 2010 and 2050, a 35 percent increase. Over that same period, Muslims are projected to increase by 73 percent.

“They desperately need to hear the gospel message,” Samya said. “Our mission is to make disciples in the Muslim world.”

In July, Almagd launched its North American channel broadcasting in English and Arabic. Almagd, which means glory, streams 24/7 on satellite, YouTube, IP TV boxes and its website.

Satellite dishes“God is at work in places where no missionaries are allowed. Every prayer warrior and supporter is part of this front-line mission,” Samya said. “The internet or cable can be blocked or stopped at any time in Islamic countries. But, miraculously, God allowed man to invent satellite so that no country or regime can prevent a TV signal from reaching the homes of the unreached. Satellite television is the No. 1 avenue God is using now to bring the message of eternal life to millions of Muslims.”

Here’s how you can help deliver the gospel to over 700 million Muslims worldwide:

If your church produces high-definition Sunday services, Almagd TV can air your sermons on its station. Contact Samya for more information.

Become a strategic financial partner. Almagd TV’s annual budget is $918,800. It costs $17,653 to produce one week of programming, $2,520 for one day and $105 for one hour.

More stories of hope

“Moneera from Saudi Arabia shared that she is sincerely troubled by the strife, confusion and bloodshed within Islam. She lives in fear and is secretly chatting with us to learn about Jesus. We sent Moneera the Gospel of Luke and a prayer script to give her life to Jesus. She promised to read and to pray, but she is afraid she will be caught.

“Hassan from Yemen contacted us asking for help in teaching his seven younger brothers about Jesus. We provided him with discipleship lessons. He was thrilled to be able to learn with his brothers how to live fully for Christ. If Hassan is discovered by his family, he could be killed for leaving Islam and for converting his brothers.

“Ahmad from Algeria was already reading the Bible when he found our TV channel. He was eagerly searching for the truth and wanted to talk to someone who could relate to him as a Muslim. When Youssef from our team shared with Ahmad that he is a Christian from an Islamic background, Ahmad started to open up. Youssef prayed with Ahmad to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

“Amal is a school teacher in Egypt. She told us that she had encountered Jesus in several dreams in the past and she was ready to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. She had questions regarding the forgiveness of her sins and how she could be baptized. Once her questions were answered, Amal invited Christ to be her Lord and we continue to disciple her.

“Salah, who lives in Darfur, Sudan, is a new believer from a Muslim background. He is being asked by many Muslims in Darfur about Jesus, and we provide him with guidance on how to respond to their questions and disciple them. Recently, Salah told us that the Lord provided a pastor from South Sudan who helped him secretly baptize all the new believers in Darfur.” 

Michael Smith is a content specialist for Converge.

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