5 states of church health

By Drs. Michael Henderson, Bruce Hopler and Steve Smith
Church Health

Converge Church Strengthening is a work in progress. We asked three Converge leaders to tell us where it's headed. 

>>> What are the five states of church health?

1. A Dysfunctional Church

Henderson: A dysfunctional church is deeply sick becuase its operating systems aren't healthy or functioning properly. For example, people go to a doctor to ensure every system of their physical body is functioning properly. If one system isn't performing as it should (i.e., circulatory, digestive, nervous, etc.), the problem needs to be addressed, or eventually it will cause other systems to malfunction. The church is a living organism (called the body of Christ), which means that if the systems are not functioning properly in the body of Christ, then it's only a matter of time before it dies.

Hopler: A dysfunctional church has lost the clarity of its exsistence. Many years ago God planted that church there for a reason. Then as the community transitioned, he called that church to grow and transform. Some churches turn inward, choosing not to reach out to the next generation. Some fail to grow leaders or let them lead. The ways a dysfunctional church exposes its weaknesses are too numerous to count. The reason behind it is almost always the same: failure to keep in sync with God's calling within the body.

Smith: The dysfunctional church is deeply sick spiritually and doesn't know it. They may be chewing up pastors and spitting them out. They may be separatistic or judgmental. There may be toxic personalities and power brokers. Almost all systems are off-line. This church defeats itself and is moving toward disaster and death. 

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