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  • Leadership

Cowards & killers

Based on whether or not they reopen their church building, pastors are being divided into two camps by their members: cowards and killers.

Sep 17 2020

  • Culture & society

4 ingredients for a happy marriage

Many Christian couples have settled for the roommate arrangement and the co-worker commitment. God has so much more in store for their marriages.

Sep 11 2020

  • Church & pastoral health

Maintaining an emotionally balanced life

As a pastor, you are called to care for the people God has given you to lead. But you have to be emotionally healthy before you can help others.

Sep 8 2020

  • Church & pastoral health

When you’re tired and worn as a pastor

As a pastor, it can be scary to admit that you’re not OK. However, you’re not alone in your pain. You’re not alone in your fears. You’re not alone in your struggle. We want to help.

Aug 31 2020

  • Church & pastoral health

Leaders that last

During an extremely difficult season like the one we are experiencing, some pastors are questioning their call to ministry. If this is happening to you, what can you do?

Aug 25 2020