MPD Prep

Prior to attending your 3-day MPD “Focus” Orientation in Orlando, Converge Missionary Appointees need to invest about 10-20 hours each, completing reading, writing and software download preparation assignments (see next “Focus” dates).

Our MPD Prep assignments are specifically designed to help prepare you for a successful MPD “Focus”:

  1. Read
    Ordering Options:
    If your church or local library does not have these books, you can order paperback or Kindle e-editions one at a time from Amazon; or obtain either the Morton or Shadrack paperback editions discounted from STEMPress.

    Do an inspirational-only read of “A Spirituality of Fundraising” (Henri Nouwen, 2010, 64 pages).

    Husband (and single men & single women):
    Do an in-depth, word-for-word read of “The God Ask” (Steve Shadrach, 2013, 346 pages).

    Do an in-depth, word-for-word read of “Funding Your Ministry” (Scott Morton, 2007, 248 pages).

  2. Write & Submit

    Length & Format:
    Write a college-level 3-page book report paper of about 1,000 words (husband & singles, Shadrach; wife, Morton). There is no style requirement (i.e., no MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.), no need for a cover page, no need for a reference page, and no need to cite references unless you are citing more than one author. But put your name on your paper! [minimum 750 words, maximum 1,200 words]

    Paper Organization:
    (i) Abstractan opening overview of 1 or 2 paragraphs;
    (ii) New or Challenging Insightslist 3 new or challenging insights gleaned from your reading, including why each is new or challenging, and how you intend to apply each insight;
    (iii) Reflective Critiquebased on your personal experience and insight, where might the author be wrong, or have forgotten something important?
    (iv) Muddy Waterslist and explain up to 3 items which are still confusing to you (your Muddy Water items drive some of our “Focus” discussions in Orlando); and
    (v) Conclusionyour 1-paragraph conclusion.

    Send to:
    Email your completed paper no less than 1 week prior to “Focus” to

  3. (3.a) Begin Your 8-page “Case Statement” Worksheet and (3.b) Download MPD Software

    Print These Three Documents:
    (i) “Developing Your Missionary Case Statement” (PDF version; or live MS Word version), an 8-page worksheet; 
    (ii) “5-Year Ministry Plan” (examples only ... you will use your completed 8-page worksheet to produce your own personalized “5-Year Ministry Plan”); and
    (iii) 1-page Case Statement example (example only ... yours will also be produced from your completed 8-page worksheet).

    Using pencil (or computer), work your way through as much of the “Case Statement” worksheet as you can, before arriving at “Focus” in Orlando. It is acceptable to work on this 8-page worksheet during your flight into Orlando.

    This Remains Your Personal Reference Document:
    Although we will use your 8-page worksheet during our “Focus” discussions, you do not need to hand it in. It provides the wording you need as you develop your prayerletters and various P-Tools. It also helps provide wording you need when you speak privately or publically raising your financial support.

    Bring To Orlando:
    Bring your 8-page worksheet (as completed as possible) to “Focus”.

    Download Software onto Your Laptop You’ll Bring to Orlando:
    Install either TntConnect (TntMPD) (free) or DonorElf ($15/mo) on the laptop you’ll be bringing to “Focus”. You will use this software on a daily basis to help manage all your contacts (financial partners, prayer partners and others), to help manage your daily MPD tasks, and to track financial gifts given to your Converge support account. Specific training for TntConnect will be given during “Focus.”

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