MPD “Focus” Orientation

Converge MPD “Focus” is the 3rd of our 6-step MPD (Ministry Partner Development) process of helping missionary appointees become fully funded deployed missionaries.

MPD software required for “Focus”: Before arriving at “Focus”, download either TntMPD (free) or DonorElf ($15/mo) on the laptop you’ll be bringing to “Focus”. You will use this software on a daily basis to help manage all your contacts (financial partners, prayer partners and others), to help manage your daily MPD tasks, and to track financial gifts given to your Converge support account. (Specific training for TntMPD will be provided during “Focus”.)

When & Where?

Taking place three times each year (usually January, May and September), “Focus” is a highly interactive, fun-filled but intensive 3-day orientation and MPD introductory training at the Converge offices in Orlando. Find upcoming “Focus” dates within the Missionary Events page.

What’s the Content?

Each “Focus” includes:

  • Introductory orientation to Converge
  • Introductory orientation to IM, or International Ministries (missions)
  • Spending training time, prayer time and fun time together with all possible members of the Converge staff
  • Discussing your book report paper’s “Muddy Waters”
  • Continued work on your “Case Statement” and “5-Yr Ministry Plan”
  • Uploading and launching your Converge website profile (and receiving your first on-line missionary donation!)
  • MPD introductory sessions (MPD overview, biblical basis of partner development (support-raising), developing partners from churches and individuals, identifying missionary lies which may otherwise hold you back, namestorming, P-Tools including your personal newsletter/prayerletters, MSD or Missionary Skill Development still needed, MPD Training options, MPD Coaching options, MPD software, Converge missionary accounting & finance, Converge missionary benefits & retirement, Converge I.T., working on your personal missionary budget known as the MRP or Missionary Resource Package, ministry administrative fees, introductory asking practice, learning how to ask for recommendations/referrals, and other MPD intro items)
  • Filming your 1- to 3-minute ministry video
  • Hands-on training for TntMPD software
  • Introduction to IM Pathways, policies, mobilization process, departure items
  • Social media usage
  • Several other Converge MPD-related items
What’s the Cost?

For all MAC-approved, IM-appointed Converge Missionary Appointees, there is a $29 cost for registration (spouse is an additional $10). There is no further charge for the actual training or materials; we even cover your food, hotel and ground transportation for 3 days here in Orlando! Your only other cost is roundtrip travel (which is reimbursable to you as a ministry expense from your Converge support-raised account).

For non-IM appointed Converge partners (Converge District missionaries, Converge Church missionaries, Converge church members being sent by another non-IM sender), your cost is $129 for “Focus” registration, materials, and food. You will also incur additional costs of hotel, ground transportation, and roundtrip travel.

What’s the 3-Day “Focus” Schedule Look Like?

This 1-page PDF shows the 3-day schedule of a recent “Focus.”

For More Information

To learn about specific upcoming dates or other information related to the next MPD “Focus” Orientation in Orlando, contact

Register for MPD “Focus” Orientation

If you have accepted your IM Appointment from Ivan Veldhuizen, or have otherwise been given permission to attend from Roger Peterson, you may register now for one of the upcoming “Focus” Orientations:


May 09-11, 2018



Sept 12-14, 2018


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