Imagine never hearing the name of Jesus. In your whole life!

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Meet Wiseline

What happens after One by One Haiti? Does schooling really break the pattern of poverty many Haitian children are born into? For some it does. Wiseline Pierre is on the road to a much better future.

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Meet Robenson

Robenson vowed never to beg. He says, “I want to be responsible.” With his entrepreneurial spirit, Robenson has found ways to raise money for his personal needs, while his One by One sponsor covers his school fees at Melchizedek Baptist School....

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Meet Henry

No matter where they live, parents want the best for their children. But what happens when injury prevents a father from earning a living? Henry Saint Flime was working hard to give his boys a better life in Haiti. He taught himself English so he...

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Meet Amenson

To be an orphan is a challenge in any country. To be an orphan in Haiti is a severe disadvantage. That’s the position in which Amenson Joseph found himself at age 11. Born in Cap-Haitien, he was sent to live with his grandparents in Maissade...

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Santisuk English School

Sisters serve at Santisuk English School

The first thing Brynn and Bronte Oothoudt noticed when they landed in Seattle after three weeks in Bangkok was the complaining. As they walked through the terminal, it was all they could hear. The sisters looked at each other and said, “We are...

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Converge Cornerstone Fund

Building a bridge to the Philippines

by Jenny Bolinger, Director of Outreach, First Baptist Church, New Castle, Pennsylvania

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missionary assessment center

What happens at a MAC?

So you want to participate in a MAC? Here is what it is: The Missionary Assessment Center is a three-day process to help you. You'll be evaluated by...

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Santisuk English School Bangkok, Thailand

Speaking English opens hearts in Bangkok

The city of Bangkok, Thailand, is home to 8.3 million people and several religions. With people moving to the bustling city for work, there is a special convergence of Buddhists, Muslims, Christians and Hindus. Like any major city, Bangkok is...

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