Calvary Church, Minnesota

Caring for Haiti: An 18-year partnership

Pernier, Haiti, is a sprawling suburb about 20 minutes outside of the capital, Port-au-Prince. It’s built on a mountain slope and reveals a dramatic economic contrast. The area is dotted with tents and small homes, while on the mountain tops are...

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Dennis McMains

Every story matters

As I stepped off the plane in Warsaw, Poland, God once again gave me a shot of adrenaline for what was ahead on this ministry trip. Immediately, as I walked through the airport, I saw face after face after face, making eye contact with strangers...

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Converge Missions

Until everyone knows

While we talk about the second coming of Jesus, much of the world has never heard of the first.

2000 years after Jesus gave us the commission to disciple the nations, there are still over 6000 unreached people groups in the world. There...

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Helari Puu

Helari Puu: Missions Pioneer

Helari Puu (at left) has always been a pioneer. He was the youngest pastor elected to lead the Union of Free Evangelical and Baptist Churches of Estonia once his country gained its freedom from the USSR. He was the youngest person from Eastern...

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Joy in acts of love and sharing

In November I was in Haiti for eight days with a team of 10 from Converge Northeast and 20 Haitians. It was a time of hard work and joy. In the midst of sickness and poverty we ministered to people and experienced their joy at the care, concern,...

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From Texas church plant to the Dominican Republic

Jonathan Autrey was 7 years old when his parents took a vacation to the Dominican Republic. At least that’s what he thought it was. When they returned, his mother showed him pictures of their trip. He saw tin houses and poverty. He couldn’t...

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Dan and Tina Gibbs

A rural Nigerian Christmas

This year will be the first year we will not be celebrating Christmas with our church family, family and friends. We are in very rural Nigeria. There are no Caucasians for hundreds of miles. In our area, Dan and me are the only...

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Bob Travels: The Happiest Man in Nepal

His name is Shiva and he’s one of the key directors of the fastest-growing church movement in the world.

Shiva was born into a Hindu Brahman family and, like his grandfather and father, raised to become a Hindu priest. From childhood he...

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Bob Travels: A visit to two churches

It was a long, sweaty walk through fields and along rice paddies to reach this remote mountain fellowship. Bhakati Christian Church is just three months old and hosted in the home of a new believer.


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Bob Travels: At the temple in Kathmandu

While in Nepal (August 28-September 8) to report on earthquake relief efforts and the fastest-growing church movement in the world, our team visited the Pashupatinath Hindu temple in Kathmandu.

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