Are you a missionary in the making?

When I was 26, thanks to my parents’ generosity from an inheritance they received from Grandma, I collected the first stamp in my new U.S. passport.

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Here, near & far

Here, Near & Far

“I don’t know why you’re traveling all over the world when there’s so much to do right here!” an exasperated friend expressed to me with strong emotion. I’ve heard similar statements from pastors: “When we get things fixed here, we can think of...

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praying for missionaries

How to Pray for our Missionaries

One of the most powerful ways you can assist missionaries is to pray. As believers pray, the Holy Spirit comforts and encourages, while providing vision and direction for the journey ahead. Even though most people realize the importance of...

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Togo, West Africa

From an Iowa Suburb to Togo, West Africa

I grew up in a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa. I was incredibly, even painfully, shy. It was hard for me to talk to people, even to my own grandparents, aunts or uncles. I was bullied in elementary school and middle school, and both my parents had...

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stories from the field

Stories From the Field: Mary

This story comes from a Converge medical worker, who is a physical therapist in Africa. Here is the story of a new believer in her own words.

We made a visit to *Mary, a recent follower of Jesus who is handicapped. During our...

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Try Local to Go Global

Transform 2017 hosted a missions pastors track. It was a helpful time of sharing and peer learning focused on the local church...

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Heritage Church

A First-Time Parents' Nightmare

A prayer for an Arabic-speaking evangelist led to an incredible partnership that proves we are better together.

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Reach Nations

Your Neighborhood: The New Samaria

A few months ago a Pakistani family—a father and mother and a couple daughters—moved into my neighborhood. A few days after they moved in we went over and greeted them, welcomed them to the neighborhood and asked if there was anything we could do...

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bible translation

Teresa's Remote Challenge: Creating Alphabets to Reach the Unreached

Teresa* grew up in Southeast Asia, as her parents were planting churches in extremely rugged terrain in the Himalayan foothills. Her parents began working there when there were 20 churches. Today, largely because of their efforts, there are...

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Converge Missions

New Frontiers: The Spice Islands Initiative

Leaders of the massive mosque eagerly directed us into their hour of prayer. Our shoes, so different from any others in this religious city, were carefully set aside by a gracious host for safekeeping, so they wouldn’t be swiped while we observed...

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