RESOURCES: Training for Missionaries & Appointees

As a Converge Missionary or Missionary Appointee, we encourage you to take advantage of the many reduced-cost and complimentary resources we provide!


Head directly to the MPD P-Tools page to select from more than a dozen MPD Presentation Tools. For specifc MPD step-by-step instructions for veteran missionaries, download and follow:


Appointee resources are organized within our overall MPD (Ministry Partner Development) 6-step process. Appointees' support-raising efforts benefit greatly when following this process:

  1. MPD Intro
    60-minute MPD overview/expectations session at the conclusion of every MAC (Missionary Assessment Center).

  2. MPD Prep
    Pre-arrival reading, writing & software requirements preparing you for a successful MPD “Focus”.

  3. MPD “Focus” Orientation
    3-day intensive orientation & MPD introductory training in Orlando, covering: (i) Converge at-large and meeting your new Converge administrative teammates; (ii) International Ministries (Converge Worldwide Missions); (iii) more than one dozen aspects critical to your successful MPD; (iv) administration, accounting, finances, budget development & personal supporter/partner software management training; (v) additional missionary skill development/equipping still needed; and (vi) planning your remaining course of action to become a fully funded and fielded missionary!

  4. MPD Training
    Acquiring story-telling and presentation skills aimed specifically at developing committed, on-going ministry partners.

  5. MPD P-Tools
    Converge offers several helpful Presentation Tools to assist you in your MPD Deputation efforts.

  6. MPD Deputation / MPD Coaching / Missionary Skills Development 
    Your 12- to 18-month period of raising up committed ministry partners (financial supporters and prayer supporters), including MPD Coaching to help you achieve full support.

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