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Jon & Beka Watson

United Kingdom
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God is on the move in the UK. We are joining him with joy, to preach the Light of the world to those who are in a great darkness.

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What if God visited Scotland with his grace and love, and sparked a great turning unto the Lord? 97 out of 100 Scottish residents are not born-again Christians. But God desires that all should be saved, and he is on the move.

We are committing two years to serving local churches in Scotland by praying for, and working toward, the revitalization and evangelization of these lost people. We are heading to Edinburgh, Scotland, to serve alongside St. Columba's Free Church in the Lord's work of spreading the gospel through discipling local leaders, planting churches, and evangelizing our UK neighbors.

This nation is in a great moment of darkness, but “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” The heart of Christ is for the lost, the weary, the heavy-laden, and the broken-hearted. Will you join us in this movement of God?

The Mission

A two-year missionary residency with St. Columba's Free Church in Edinburgh, Scotland. We'll be making the real Jesus non-ignorable through intentional discipleship in the church and community, evangelizing and training the next batch Scottish leaders for ministry, with the main thrust of supporting their church planting efforts in Scotland. 

Why Scotland?

The Scottish people are now considered a least-reached people group, with only 3% of them born-again Christians who have a meaningful relationship with a local church. 

The work of revitalizing the Church in Scotland is taking shape in a strategy of healthy churches planting healthy churches which plant healthy churches — and in a nation of fewer than 6 million people, the tide may already be starting to turn. But in this incredibly secular environment, Christianity is strange, and the culture is hostile.

About St. Columba's Free Church

St. Columba's is a small church of about 170, which has planted three churches in the last six years. Their first plant is preparing to plant their first church, which is a big milestone! 

The Free Church of Scotland is a conservative evangelical denomination, and one of the last remaining vestiges of church health in the nation — and even they have been suffering a decline of over 10,000 people per year, though that seems to be beginning to slow down.

Our Sending Partners

  • Immanuel Church Nashville
  • Converge (previously Baptist General Conference)
  • Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training (AT3)

AT3's mission is to join the Lord in enabling an influx of leaders to strengthen, revitalize, and plant new churches.

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United Kingdom // St. Columba's Free Church is a city-centre church committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in worship, mission, community and discipleship, with a vision to plant churches in and around Edinburgh.

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