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U.S. Engagement Team, Consortia Catalyst and Donor Care & Engagement Specialist

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Across the globe, there are more than 6,000 unreached people groups (less than 2% evangelical Christians) who have never heard the gospel, nor have had the chance to know Jesus personally. Many churches do not have a formal mission focus, and those that do tend to focus on areas already reached by the gospel. At Converge International Ministries, we are asking God for a gospel movement among every least reached people group in our generation. As the Consortia Catalyst for the U.S. Engagement Team, my role is to engage the more than 1500 Converge churches nationwide to identify common missionary focus areas, combine efforts where synergies exist, and create avenues of partnerships in support of this gospel movement.

We are better together! Churches are an integral part to building momentum and synergy in supporting global missions. By focusing our prayer, energy, resources, and diverse spiritual gifts, we will fully staff and fully fund 20 world-wide international missionary initiatives with more than 400 missionaries by 2026. Please partner in the work of the Lord through prayer, financial support, and church partnership building.

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We desire engaged churches where everyone can use their God given gifts and passions to support global missions, missionaries and initiatives through volunteer missions’ teams, resource support and prayer…Where everyone feels a part of this gospel movement.

Chuck Lewis – Consortia Catalyst, U.S. Engagement

Lisa Lewis – Donor Care & Engagement Specialist

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