Erika Devine

Uttaradit, Thailand
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Help Erika assist a church planting team in Northern Thailand to reach an unreached people group.

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In 2011 I discovered a great evangelist named Ray Comfort. After watching many videos of Mr. Comfort evangelizing on the streets of California, I understood that the Lord wanted his people to declare his glorious gospel to the world actively. It was then that my desire to answer the missionary call was born. However, I was frustrated by many struggles and weaknesses in my heart and life. The Lord began to shape me for the task ahead through many circumstances and much counseling. I finally went on my first mission trip to Kenya in 2017. This trip not only changed my life, but it showed me that I was doing what the Lord designed me to do, sharing his love with the world.

Since then, I have played a part in missions by joining my church's mission team and participating in street evangelism. I have assisted the church in Mexico in street evangelism and taught ESL in Thailand in a Christian School. On my next trip to Thailand, I will be helping the Uttaradit Christian School with ESL and evangelism as they minister to an untargeted and unreached people group. My ministry mission is to communicate the love of Christ in a way that causes people to marvel and desire to be saved.

Uttaradit, Thailand //  

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