Jenna Houk

Manchester, England
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Help Jenna as she spends two years in Manchester, England serving the UK Church through evangelism, discipleship, and ministering to the Body of Christ.

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The Lord has called me to serve and glorify him, which has led me to this point. During the summer of 2019, I had the privilege of being a part of AT3’s summer internship. Throughout the internship, I came to love the people in the UK. I loved serving alongside people in the UK church, who were strong and genuine believers, passionate about evangelism and discipleship. Before leaving the UK, the pastor of my church in Manchester told me he wanted me to come back for the two-year apprenticeship. When I left the UK, I immediately longed to go back. I seriously considered, from that point on, returning to the UK through AT3’s two-year apprenticeship. It wasn’t until I spoke with AT3’s founder, Ken Lippold a few months later that I decided to apply. I have felt the Lord, time and time again, confirm his calling for me to return to the UK. Throughout it all, I have been mindful to not rely on my own desires and power, but to trust God’s plan and his leading in my life. I am eager to start this journey as I prepare to go to the UK, and as I spend two years ministering and serving the UK church.

During my time in Manchester, I will have the opportunity to serve through outreach, discipleship and mentoring. My hope is to minister specifically to women in the church, and create a discipleship program. I will also have the unique opportunity to simultaneously take courses to obtain a Biblical counseling certificate, known as the CCEF. This program will allow me to gain more knowledge and experience in the counseling world as I mentor/minister to other women. I am eager to see what the Lord continues within this season as I prepare to go to the UK, and as I serve in the UK for two years.

Manchester, England // I took this photo in the city center of Manchester, where I bought a button to commemorate my time there.

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