Elijah Demaree

United Kingdom
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Partnering with Elijah Demaree and AT-3 to serve and train with a local church in the United Kingdom.

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My name is Elijah Demaree and I am a Third-Year Intercultural Studies major at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL and this summer, I'm partnering the Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training (AT-3). AT-3 partners with local churches in the UK and students who will serve and be trained by a church, spending time learning and growing in understanding and love of God and His Church. God has been continually growing my heart for and my desire to serve in the missions field for several years now, and AT-3’s Summer internship would provide me with the opportunity to serve cross-culturally in the UK with a church where I would be working alongside brothers and sisters and receiving training in church-planting, post-Christian ministry, and missions.

I am so excited and thankful for this trip and to invite you to join me, prayerfully and financially, in the ministry and growth that God is working through the Church in the UK and AT-3!

All glory be to Him!

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