Lead Pastor

Tustin, Michigan // tustinfbc.church

About First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church of Tustin is located in a small community in northwest lower Michigan. We are a church that strives to demonstrate the love of Christ by ministering to our community, and we joyfully work together with other local Bible-believing churches in a variety of shared ministries. We are located within five miles of Converge MidAmerica’s Center Lake Bible Camp, which has been providing life-changing camping programs, retreats and community events for children, adults, families and youth for over 60 years. FBC and Center Lake often partner together as we strive to further the Kingdom of God in Tustin and beyond. Please check out our website at www.tustinfbc.church!

Job description

Job Overview

We are looking for a man who loves the Word of God, is a servant leader, is highly relational, with a clear vision for local, regional and global ministry. He will need to have strong communication skills (both in the pulpit and interpersonally), a calling for developing new leaders, a passion for reaching people far from God, and the ability to motivate others to be a part of God’s redemptive cause. He will need to understand and work with our existing partnerships with Converge MidAmerica and Converge Worldwide.

Formal Responsibilities

Leadership Skills

  • The creativity to envision new possibilities for the ministry of First Baptist Church of Tustin.
  • The ability to think strategically about opportunities and challenges.
  • Identify and communicate clear goals and effective strategies to achieve them.
  • The ability to recruit, lead and manage church leaders to fulfill the mission of the church.
  • Develop an effective ministry team.
  • Realistically assess situations and take appropriate actions.
  • The awareness of and ability to employ current technology for effective ministry.
  • Shepherd and develop the Deacon Board and Ministry Team Leaders.

Communication Skills

  • Effective biblical preaching for life transformation.
  • The ability to teach and communicate God’s Word in a variety of settings.
  • The ability and passion to share the gospel, and teach others to do the same.
  • Cast and communicate a compelling and clear vision for First Baptist Church of Tustin.
  • Oversee written communications throughout the church.
  • Oversee worship planning and preparation to inspire the church and reach the community.

Relational Skills

  • A strong encourager and lover of people.
  • Effective at interpersonal communication both as a listener and a speaker.
  • Able to develop and employ the unique strengths of others.
  • Able to be a healing presence in conflicted relationships both personal and corporate, if needed.
  • A passion to invest relationally in our community.


Personal Qualities

  • Meet the New Testament requirements for office as listed in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:6-9.
  • A lover of God’s Word, with a strong prayer life.
  • An inherent grace orientation in their relationship with God and other people.
  • Energy and passion in implementing ministry.
  • Attitudes and behaviors guided by biblical principles.

Professional Qualities

  • Embrace and hold the Affirmation of Faith of Converge MidAmerica and First Baptist Church of Tustin.
  • Maintain a baptistic perspective in theology and practice.
  • Experience in and/or a heart for reaching a rural community.


Interested applicants should apply by visiting https://www.convergeplacementnetwork.org/

No need to email a resume or cover letter.

Please contact Kirsten at Converge MidAmerica with any questions. kirsten@convergemidamerica.org