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Church planting & multiplication

  • Church planting & multiplication

Five questions church planters ask about Easter

Planning a great Easter celebration is about more than having a great sermon.

Apr 5 2019

  • Church planting & multiplication

Welcome to Converge MidAmerica Hope Community Church

If Marshall Gallagher could use one word to describe the state of Hope Community Church, it would be “weird.”

Mar 20 2019

  • Church planting & multiplication

What does it mean to adopt a church planter?

I've found that many churches don't think they can be part of church planting because their misconception is that you need oodles of money and a large congregation to participate. If you have money and/or people to give to a new church plant, that is great, let's talk! However, I'm also looking for some of our Converge churches to adopt our up and coming planters.

Feb 15 2019