Missions opportunities
North Macedonia: Long Term

Gospel Movement Catalyst – Be on the frontlines of a Gospel movement with our team in North Macedonia. The Albanian speaking population of 500,000+ people has no known church. Evangelism and enduring as an ambassador for ethnic reconciliation will be key to your success. Can you give your life to anything better?

North Macedonia: Short Term

Specialized Internship – You will have the chance to use the passion and skill God has given you to serve in the advancement of the Gospel. Skills in TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language), children’s ministry, construction, medicine, teaching/preaching and more are needed to build the Kingdom in North Macedonia.

North Macedonia: Ministry Trip

Ministry trainers – Churches in North Macedonia need equipping and encouragement. Training members of small churches in skills such as preaching, worship, children’s ministry, or summer camps is a great felt need of the community. If you are gifted at sharing what God has called you to do, come and pass it on.

Deployment options
We are asking God for a gospel movement among every least-reached people group in our generation. One important way we do this is by equipping missionary servant leaders, like you, to create movements that impact individuals, communities and regions. All four of these mission opportunities serve alongside Converge missionaries.
Field time: 1-2 weeks
Age & Requirements:
Organized groups of high school, college & other adults
Field time: 1-3 years
Age: 18+
Requirements: Application, Assessment, training & raising support
Field time: 1-12 months
Age: 18+
Requirements: Application, training & raising support
Field time: 4+ years
Age: 18+
Requirements: Application, Assessment, training & raising support

Converge has proven to be a faithful partner for us in the cause of Christ among the peoples of the world. This partnership has not only changed the world, but changed us.

Gregg Heinsch, Celebration Community Church, Celebration, Florida

Fulfill your calling in missions
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