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Help City Hope Bible Church minimize the cost of fixing the damage to their building

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On Wednesday, June 26th, City Hope Bible Church in St. Louis, MO sustained considerable damage to their building. City Hope is an urban church in a needy area of St. Louis. They have a very active food pantry and strong ministry to the people in that area.
Their roof was in the midst of being replaced and was covered with tarps to protect the church from rain damage when a severe cloudburst came. The tarps did not hold and waves of water crashed through every opening where work was being done. Parts of the roof gave way and completely soaked the entire building. The sanctuary and food pantry area were decimated. 
Fortunately, there were a number of members and food pantry workers there at the time who were able to rescue sound equipment, computers, boxes of records etc. 
Please consider donating to the City Hope Emergency Fund to help minimize the cost of fixing the damage and relocating the church during this difficult season of ministry. They have insurance, but as we all know, insurance only covers a portion of the expenses.
Pray for City Hope and Pastor Al Palmer during this time.