Capital campaigns can be an amazing blessings

Bryan Moak

Vice President of Church Strengthening

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Capital Campaigns, the very thought makes some of us Cringe...
  • These things are pastor killers.
  • Our people HATE when we go after their money like this.
  • We have too much going on to get distracted by the intense work of a campaign.

I’m sure you can add your own thoughts to the list. What if I were to tell you that Capital campaigns can be an amazing blessing for a church? What if:

  • You were able to focus on defining and refining your vision like you haven’t done in a long time.
  • You were able to dream about the future in ways that are hard to do in the “grind” of your daily ministry.
  • New leaders stepped up to the plate that you didn’t even have on your radar.
  • You were able to accomplish something in the life of your church that you clearly know was only possible because of God.
  • Your church actually grew in financial faithfulness because of a campaign.

These are all things I believe can happen in a well-executed capital campaign, and Converge MidAmerica is willing and ready to walk with you through the entire process. But don’t take my word for it. Below, you will read a testimony from one of our recent Capital Campaigns from First Baptist in Lansing Illinois. First Baptist is not a large church, and their campaign wasn’t statistically a large amount of money. But for them, it was a catalyst, a spiritual marker if you will, that has propelled them to a brand new season of ministry.

Now is a good time to think about a Capital Campaign for the summer and fall of 2018. If you’re interested in investigating the possibility for your church, we’d love to talk with you and/or your leadership team. 

A year ago, our church began a vision casting process, asking where God would lead us over the next three years which became Vision 2020. We knew God was already at work in our congregation establishing us as a credible multi-ethnic church, and we wanted to see how God might expand that blessing over the years to come, in part, with improvements to our facility.  We partnered with Converge MidAmerica to help us understand how a capital campaign could enhance our vision process and help us motivate our people to give sacrificially and generously to Vision 2020.

When we first began discussing the capital campaign, many doubts quickly surfaced. How could a church of 100 raise these funds over and above our normal budgeted giving? Would our church understand and catch the vision? Will I as campaign chairperson be able to handle the pressures of meeting our goal and will our congregation trust me enough to give? In working with Bryan Moak, Vice President of Church Strengthening, he was able to coach our team to shift our focus from my/our abilities to seeing and trusting what God is able to do if we were faithful to the vision He was calling us to.

Bryan regularly met with our leadership team instructing us along the way of how to effectively run a campaign, helped us fine tune our vision, and encouraged us each step of the way. With this coaching I was able to understand my role as chairperson was not to do every task, but to encourage and support others in our congregation to serve the Lord with their gifts. That has been such a valuable lesson in leadership that I will keep with me for many years.

As we began to roll out the campaign to our leadership and then to our congregation it was clear that this campaign gave us a platform to unify as a body and become excited about what God is doing and wants to do through Vision 2020.  On the last Sunday of our campaign, as we gathered to celebrate God's faithfulness, we were still just short of our campaign goal. As I prepared to present I struggled to know how to feel. As we sang the words of our final closing song, "My God is awesome, He can move mountains….", I received a message on my phone with a pledge from a member that pushed us over our $300,000 goal. As He had done throughout the entire campaign, God revealed to our congregation and to me that He is faithful to provide and to guide our feet, if we are just willing to surrender to His will.

- Saad Abbasy, Campaign Chair - First Baptist Church, Lansing IL

Bryan Moak, Vice President of Church Strengthening

Bryan Moak is vice president of Church Strengthening for Converge MidAmerica.

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