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As modeled by our Lord, strong relationships are a key to ministry and mission effectiveness. The leaders you meet, get to know and grow with will improve and empower you for greater ministry impact. Across Converge MidAmerica, you will meet lifelong friends, engage with co-laborers and share the joys and challenges of following God’s call in your life. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can serve your church.

Gary Rohrmayer

President & Executive Minister, Converge MidAmerica

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District Staff
  • Yahaira Landaverry
    Finance Team
  • Kirsten Andreson
    Church Strengthening Admin
  • Melissa Herbst
    Church Planting Admin
  • Bryan Moak
    Vice President of Church Strengthening
  • Danny Parmelee
    Vice President of Church Planting
  • Eileen Herrera
    Director of Finance
  • Amy Jackson
    Accounting Department
  • Mary Rohrmayer
    Ministry to Pastors' Wives
  • Bruce McEvoy
    Director of Student Ministries Movement
  • Nepthali Mullings
    Director of Pastoral Care to Hispanic Churches
  • Jessy Padilla
    Director of Hispanic Ministries
  • Fred Obleton
    Coordinator of African American Ministries
  • Wanda Manning
    Office Manager & Executive Administrator
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District Board
  • Pastor Kirt Wiggins
    Pathway Community Church, Elmhurst, IL
  • Rev. Gary Rohrmayer
    Park Ridge, IL
  • Pastor Scott Gardziella
    Calvary Baptist Church, Webberville, MI
  • Pastor Jeff Forester
    Heritage Church Sterling, Heights, MI
  • Pastor Jim Peterson
    Cornerstone Baptist Church, Ludington, MI
  • Victoria Pipkin
    Bolingbrook, IL
  • Pastor Jessy Padilla
    Iglesia Emanuel, Waukegan, IL
  • Pastor Jeff Dryden
    Sawyer Highlands Church, Sawyer, MI
  • Javier Maldonado
    Immanuel Church, Gurnee, IL
  • Dr. Timothy Beavis
    VP of International Operations, Carey Outreach Ministries
  • Pastor Brian Coffey
    Chapelstreet Church, Geneva, IL
  • Pastor Chris Dodd
    New Community Church, Dolton, IL
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Converge has been with me on every step of my church planting journey — from learning how to raise support, building a launch team and publicly launching the church. Our church would not have had the success it's having today without the expertise from Converge.

Chris Highfill, Grace River Church, O'Fallon, Missouri