Intercultural Ministries

This team assists Converge People Group Ministry national directors and their respective leadership teams and in their efforts to advance church starting and strengthening across the United States and in their countries of origin. Our One By One Haiti child sponsorship ministry is also part of this team.

Ministry Goals:

  • To reach more people with the gospel in the US through starting more churches in the US and each country of origin.
  • To train and strengthen pastors and lay leaders through a “certification” program offered through the Converge School of Church Leadership.
  • Empower Converge People Group Ministries in their countries of origin developing Ministry Expansion Teams (METs) for each culture group:
    Haiti: Expand child sponsorship program to Port Au Prince, Maissade and Leóganê and assist the Haitian Leadership Team in the implementation of its church planting, plans in the US and in Haiti and community development projects. 
    Philippines: Support and encourage Filipino leaders in their S-2 initiatives. 
    Vietnam: Re-establish Converge engagement in Vietnam by empowering Converge Viets Leadership Team and the seminary in Hanoi.
    Point - September 2018

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