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Discipleship & spiritual formation

  • Discipleship & spiritual formation

Reflections & Reminders

On Apostle Paul’s Prayer in Philippians 1:9-11

Jun 23 2020

  • Discipleship & spiritual formation

Seven tips for scripture memorization

God’s word is a specific revelation of His great love for us and it is by His word that we have wisdom and discernment to have greater excellence in our decisions, regardless of the circumstance or earthly affirmations.

May 29 2018

  • Discipleship & spiritual formation

Five lessons from the life of St. Patrick

Five enduring and applicable lessons from the life of St. Patrick.

Mar 13 2018

  • Discipleship & spiritual formation

Kinsey: The Girl Thousands Prayed For

The remarkable story of Kinsey Capaldo, the daughter of Heartland district executive minister Jim Capaldo. In 2015, Kinsey, then 13, died three times in the hospital, and the Lord brought her back each time.

Nov 18 2016


  • Church & pastoral health
  • Church strengthening

The Gift of Mobility:  A Benevolence Story

Mar 25 2021

  • Church planting & multiplication

3 Myths About Church Planting

Feb 19 2021

  • Church planting & multiplication

Church Planter Highlight: Todd Bumgarner

Jan 21 2021