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Inspirational stories and news of God's work throughout the Converge movement


  • Discipleship & spiritual formation

Seven tips for scripture memorization

God’s word is a specific revelation of His great love for us and it is by His word that we have wisdom and discernment to have greater excellence in our decisions, regardless of the circumstance or earthly affirmations.

May 29 2018

  • Discipleship & spiritual formation

Five lessons from the life of St. Patrick

Five enduring and applicable lessons from the life of St. Patrick.

Mar 13 2018

  • Missions

Understanding missionaries through the lens of relational accountability

The aim of this article is to give you a greater clarity and actionable understanding on how to relate to cross-cultural missionaries.

Feb 27 2018

  • Missions

Ethiopia: reclaim your call

This is an invitation for you to examine and reclaim your missionary calling.

Feb 14 2018

  • Evangelism

Play your fiddle hard

Satan is a squatter. What does this mean for sharing the gospel both locally and globally?

Jan 15 2018