Harlan Moss, Pastor of Prison Outreach

Sioux Falls, SD
Status: Raising support
ID: 142

Help support Harlan Moss as he ministers at the South Dakota State Penitentiary.

As a prison chaplain, it is my privilege to share the Good News of salvation with inmates. My primary focus is to lead men to Christ. Through cell-to-cell visits and Bible studies, I disciple inmates in their Christian walk, as well as provide encouragement and hope. I also aim to help inmates work through their anger and the pain of their past. I am able to provide Bibles to inmates who request one. I have many contact points with the inmates, including weekly Bible studies with incoming inmates and inmates in the Mental Health unit. I also visit inmates in the security housing unit, administration segregation, the hospital, the infirmary, and in hospice. When inmates lose family members, I am able to minister to them in their grief. I am able to have an impact on these inmates’ lives through the gracious support of donors.
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