Greg Friesner, Director of Incarcerated Ministries

Sioux Falls, SD
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Dr. Greg Friesner directs both the jail and prison ministries of the Converge Heartland district. He pastors the Prison Lighthouse Fellowship church that meets within the prison walls of the South Dakota State Penitentiary and leads teams of volunteers for our prison and local jail ministries.

Over the spring of 2019, Dr. Greg Friesner and his wife, Lori, prayerfully made a defining life decision for Greg to accept the invitation to serve as Converge Heartland's full-time Director of Incarcerated Ministries.    This means that Greg is effectively succeeding Rev. Regan Beauchamp as the Pastor of Prison Lighthouse Fellowship and overseeing Converge Heartland's Prison and Jail Ministries.   Harlan Moss serves on Greg's prison ministry staff as the Pastor of Prison Outreach, a cell to cell ministry with hundreds of inmates in the Jameson Prison Annex of the SD Dept. of Correction. 

Greg's relationship with Converge Heartland started in the fall of 2016 when he began serving part-time as the Director of Jail Ministries, a ministry for which Greg was trained by Rev. Bruce Anderson, a beloved and former minister in our district. Today, the jail ministry has grown to over 30 volunteers, including many lay chaplains, from area local churches. 

A chiropractor by trade, Greg and Lori Friesner operated their own clinic for many years, a profession and practice that was increasingly being eclipsed by Greg's calling to serve in incarcerated ministries.  For his first few years with Converge Heartland, Greg served part-time, trying to both develop the jail ministry while earning an income through his chiropractic work.

In April of 2019, the Friesners took a significant step of faith and committed to releasing their chiropractic clinic and raising full-time financial support in order to provide leadership to Converge Heartland's prison and jail ministries.  Greg has a passion, vision, and calling to develop and multiply gospel-centered incarcerated ministries in South Dakota but also desires to see our District churches both equipped and engaged in their own local and regional incarcerated ministries.    

Please get to know the Friesners and please find space in your individual and church budgets to financially support them!  Greg has served with excellence as an elder and Pastor of Care at Faith Baptist Fellowship in Sioux Falls and also has a Master's of Divinity from Sioux Falls Seminary.   He would be an excellent choice to come and address your congregation and to cast the vision of ministering to the incarcerated population of your community. 

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