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Our vision is to see a Gospel-centered church bringing transformation to every Heartland community!

Our mission is starting and strengthening churches throughout the Converge Heartland District

Converge Heartland spans from North Dakota down to Oklahoma, including the I-29 corridor of Missouri. Even though this region boasts of historical and church-rooted values, we still find that 41% of the 11 million Heartland District inhabitants do not regularly attend or affiliate with any local church at all.

Our present response to this challenging reality is that we currently have 58 Heartland District Churches with an aggregate weekly attendance of roughly 8,000 people. Even though God has certainly done much over the 140-year history of Converge Heartland churches, there is much more that must be done and, in His power, will be done.

We do best and find the greatest joy when we join hands in service to Christ, together. Thank you for your financial support!