Church starting & strengthening conference


Opportunities for conferences, training and connecting with other leaders.

Larry Odle Memorial Incarcerated Ministries Fundraising Gala
Sioux Falls, SD // 6:30 pm
Fundraising Event for Prison Lighthouse Fellowship
Unleash 2020
Long Beach, CA 90808
The world isn’t what it was meant to be. Not even close. How can we look around and not feel brokenhearted? Frustrated? Wrecked? Maintaining the status quo isn’t working. We’re losing ground. It’s time to unleash a church movement that changes the world. It’s time to take ground. Together. At the Converge Unleash conference, we’ll help you unleash the gospel by giving you strategies, tools and new ways to strengthen your church and plant healthy, life-giving churches that will impact generations for eternity.
Pastor's renewal retreat
Nebraska City, NE
A time of rest, reflection and refreshment.