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Jim Capaldo

Regional President

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Though it is sometimes necessary, it is hard to make the best and most wise decisions at the last minute.   If there is one thing that church leaders have suffered from this past year, it is decision fatigue!  One way for your church to make wise choices while reducing avoidable last-minute decisions is to get more intentional about ministry planning through a ministry planning retreat.   

IMG_20210320_165436572_2 (1) In 2017, the revitalizing Grace Baptist Church in St. Paul, NE, went through its first District-facilitated ministry planning retreat.  For the next four years, they intentionally worked through initiatives and strategies that they had prayerfully discerned as church leaders. Ultimately, this led to them building a significant building addition to their existing facility, debt-free.  They took celebratory steps of faith along that journey.   Pastor Daniel Bear admits that it was tempting to treat the completion of this plan as "the end," though it was not.  Just the same, congratulations to Grace Baptist Church on retiring your new building debt in record time! 

In March of 2021, Grace Baptist Church went through its second District-facilitated ministry planning retreat.  Through prayer, seeking the Lord, and listening to one another, they envisioned a new chapter in the life of their church.  They discovered that they had some unfinished business.  Though a new building had been built, and though they had doubled in size and giving, they realized that they are still working towards a God-given vision to see 10% of their largely-unchurched county worshipping Christ together with them.   They discovered various barriers, uncovered core issues, and discerned a contextualized ministry plan for gospel advancement in their community and county.  To this, we say a heartfelt thank you to the Grace Baptist leadership for loving their church, community, and county well and also for stewarding their God-given commission with discerning intentionality. 

With pandemic restrictions being lifted, now is a fantastic time for your church leaders to come together and discern a ministry plan for the next school year and beyond.  Please prioritize a season of discerning ministry planning this summer.  Converge Heartland has a proven track record of facilitating ministry planning retreats.  Contact us, and let's see how a ministry planning retreat fits into your church's schedule.  

To discuss a ministry planning retreat for your church, contact Jim Capaldo at (605) 323-9621 or jim@convergeheartland.org 

Jim Capaldo, Regional President

Jim Capaldo is Converge Heartland Regional President.

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