Five Fun Tips for Following Up Your Fun Fall Activities

Mike Carr

Communications Director Converge Heartland

  • Church & pastoral health

Submitted by Mike Carr, Converge Heartland Communications Director

For many churches and communities that last three months of the year seem to provide plenty of opportunities for celebration and connection through larger group gatherings.  Because of this year’s challenges with COVID, how these gatherings happen will be varied and at times challenging and they will need to be created to fit the specific needs of each community.

But we can talk about some fun tips that can be used across the Heartland to help you follow up with friends and family who attend your festivities.

  1. Photos are always a great gift and idea. Though greatly appreciated it does take some extra planning for those moments to be captured.  You will want to clearly mark the key locations where photos can be taken.  You may want to provide a few fun props. A trending opportunity is to include the church’s name, website or hashtag somewhere in the background.  You might considering printing a picture right there or even better - get their address and hand deliver the photo to them at their home with a small gift bag of treats.  Lastly - if they have a cell phone that takes photos - capture a few on their phone so they can share with family and friends.

  2. Have a fall festival event right after your weekend services.  Something small yet fun that you could have your youth ministry could maybe lead for an hour so the parents can have a moment to connect with other parents and adults.  With this you will want to have food and places to sit around and connect.  

  3. Use your fall event as an opportunity to advertise your Christmas events to invite people back to your community.  This could be done by having a few door prizes at your event and ask people attending fill out their contact information on an entry form.  Once you have their contact - send a quick note of thanks for attending the event and a warm invite to come back to a weekend service or your next community event at Christmas.

  4. Be intentional and invite someone from the event to coffee or lunch.  This one is always fun to make a new friend, brighten up someone’s day and possibly share your testimony.  Who doesn’t like a free lunch!  The purpose of this who just to get know the guest who attended and listen to their spiritual journey.  You might also ask for them to give you two or three ideas that they think would be great for your church to do for the community.

  5. Prayer stations at the event and opportunities to add a request to a prayer chain.  This will present some challenges during the season of COVID but it will be appreciated.  Something visible with maybe balloons or a small banner and a table and chairs where one could sit down to connect over prayer while social distancing.  You also could create a display made of chicken wire with a wooden frame around it where people could fill out a prayer request on a half sheet of paper and then roll it up and place it in a hole on the chicken wire.  

Now it is your turn.  What some creative and effective ways your have seen to follow up an event?

Mike Carr, Communications Director Converge Heartland

Lives in Sioux Falls, SD and attends Central Church. Missionary for 31 years.

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