3 Myths About Church Planting

Steve Krier

Director of Church Planting

  • Church planting & multiplication

As a church planter and now a director of church planting, I interact with many people; those in established churches, those who are considering church planting, and those in the trenches of launching a new church.

And as I interact with people, there are thoughts and misconceptions about church planting. Here are the three myths that I hear most.

Myth #1: Church Planters need to be arrogant

This one floors me. I cannot believe how prevalent the myth that, to be an ideal church planter, you need to sin. The LORD is very clear on what happens to the proud and arrogant (Proverbs 16:18). Also, I don’t know about you, but I do not want to oppose Jesus (James 4:6).

What church planters need is confidence in the calling God has placed on their life. The focus of their calling needs to be on Jesus, not in their own abilities. There is a vast difference between arrogance and confidence. One is focused on self; the other is focused on Jesus.

Myth #2: Church Planters don’t need to be endorsed by anyone

This one tends to come from the entrepreneurial spirit that church planters need to have. We are self-starters. We tend to think of what could be instead of what is. However, the giftings of a planter are not discovered nor developed in a vacuum. 

Planters need to be vetted. They need to be endorsed. They need to be recognized by a body of believers in a local church and, when possible, a movement of churches. It is vitally essential that planters are, first and foremost, Christians. And Christians are part of local churches. Red flags fly up in my brain when someone talks to me about planting a church and are not part of a local church.

It is one thing to be compelled to plant a new church. It is another thing to want to plant a church because you don’t like submitting to authority or lack love for the bride of Christ.

Myth #3: Church Planters can go it alone

We have romanticized the idea of church planting. We get excited to be a lone ranger. Well, I hate to break it to you, but lone rangers are dead rangers.

For too long, we have pitted church plants against the established church. We are not enemies, but co-laborers in Gospel work! The truth is, churches don’t get planted without the faithful giving and resourcing of the established church. Further, every church was a church plant at some point!

The work of planting is arduous. We need the established churches to come alongside plants and surround them with prayer, encouragement, challenge, and at times, rebuke. If this doesn’t happen, plants get stuck in their infancy or make tragic decisions that harm the flock and hurt the reputation of Christ.

As you can see, these myths are not only false; they are downright dangerous! A church plant can fail for many reasons. Some of those reasons are outside the control of the planter, sending church, or launch team. However, most church plants across the country will not survive because they have believed one or all of these myths. That is why we at Converge provide assessment, coaching, and LEAD Teams. These three components selecting, developing, and connecting every church plant and church planter needs to plant a healthy and vibrant church.

If you would like to know more about planting or would like to get involved, please email Steve Krier at steve@convergeheartland.org.

Steve Krier, Director of Church Planting

Steve is the director of church planting for Converge Heartland and Pastor of Ignite Church.

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