Urban ministry

Urban Ministry

Reaching the marginalized communities in our region with the gospel.



Captive Project

A specific strategy that Converge Great Lakes has embraced as one means to penetrate marginalized communities within our region with the gospel. This project is set up not as a separate ministry, but an evangelistic outreach of the local church, in a particular area. It exists to strengthen the church’s impact on individuals who have been marginalized by society.

Program Areas Served:
Greater Milwaukee—metro area, beginning in the high crime areas of the city; Southeastern Wisconsin, eventually spreading to other mid-size cities throughout Wisconsin; and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Problem/Need Addressed:
Seeks to solve the problems of urban crime in Milwaukee; i.e. prostitution and drug dealers through the application of Romans 12:1-2 through the process of Matthew 28:16-19.

Specific Goals:
Change the city for the kingdom of God by getting people into a relationship with Jesus Christ through concentrated discipleship. We believe that this will allow for a transformation within the person that will help in their decision process in the urban community, i.e. choosing non-violence over violence. It will also help and teach them the importance of making disciples which in turn, will change their community and city.

How Does the Captive Project Work:
We target high crime areas in the city of Milwaukee by going into their local parks through a 6-hour community cookout where the use of the urban arts engaging the community with the preaching of the Gospel and an invitation of discipleship. The Captive Project started in 2007 with the intent to be an ongoing aid to local church’s efforts to reach the fragmented youth in the city of Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin.

Effective Ministry Techniques:

  • Deliberate targeting of parks in the high crime areas of the city of Milwaukee
  • Concentrated discipleship that enables a new believer to understand the Word of God for themselves, teaching them the important subjects that new believers need understand
  • 24-hour availability to new believers
  • Consistent cooperation with partnering churches
  • Overall consistency of the ministry to go into the community year after year

Past Successes of The Captive Project:
The Captive Project has ministered to more than 12,000 people with more than 80% being urban youth in the areas of Milwaukee. A great success was being able to get the Gospel Message into the hands of 5,000 youth through the distribution of a Gospel tract CD which included urban Christian music, a gospel message and a 24/7 contact number. Another key success from the onset was that the leadership let these youth know they cared about them by being available around the clock for crisis intervention, questions, etc.

Factors to Help Ensure Success:
We continue to be consistent the components that brought past success. This consistency has allowed us to be able to reach more young people willing to learn about God. We have opened up a direct ministry to prostitution and drug dealers. Although in the beginning the partnership with local churches was difficult, we now have momentum with churches coming on board to support the follow-up aspect of The Captive Project Ministry. And more over with the implementation of “The Heart of the City—The Captive Project”, we will be able to network with tens of thousands of young people throughout the city of Milwaukee to develop a community of Christian young people supporting one another.

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Converge Great Lakes helped us work through a variety of growth transitions and work through staff conflict, and how to create the right team. They provided coaching for church health, which resulted in greater ministry effectiveness.

John Anderson, Hope Community Church, Shawano, WI