Converge Great Lakes Ministry Leader Conference


Opportunities for conferences, training and connecting with other leaders.

Foundations Conference
Oshkosh, WI
Two days of growing, learning, and building your ministry toolkit while being inspired and motivated to lead like never before.
Unleash Conference 2022
Orlando, FL 32832
The Unleash conference will help you unleash every ministry and leader in your church by giving them effective strategies, tools and new ways to connect people to Jesus that will impact generations for eternity.

There will be workshops for Senior Leadership, Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, Worship & Creative Arts, Hospitality & Guest Services, Missions & Outreach, Women’s Ministry, Church Planting & Multiplication, Communications and more.
Apr May
Converge Compass
Converge Great Lakes
Evaluate your ministry so you can face challenges, move forward and increase fruitfulness.