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Ken Nabi

Regional President

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Desiring God Ministries

Church Smart Resources

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Broom Tree Ministries

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American Religion Data Archive (by state, county, city - maps and charts for free)



City Data

Census (US government info)

Earth Resource Systems (by city - offers free, concise demographics on one page)

Percept Group Demographics 

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Dawson Interactive

Webstix, Inc.

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Church Growth Gifts Test

Regent Univ Gifts Test

Personality Test

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Ken Nabi, Regional President

Ken Nabi has served as the Regional President for Converge Great Lakes since 2016. He earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist before enjoying 21 years as a pastor at Community Church of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Ken is a strategic leader focusing on movements and reproducible systems. Community Church of Fond du Lac planted five churches during his tenure, and those churches helped plant seven more churches.

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