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As modeled by our Lord, strong relationships are a key to ministry and mission effectiveness. The leaders you meet, get to know and grow with will improve and empower you for greater ministry impact. Across Converge Great Lakes, you will meet lifelong friends, engage with co-laborers and share the joys and challenges of following God’s call in your life. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can serve your church.

Ken Nabi

President & Executive Minister, Converge Great Lakes


District Staff
  • Gary Harrison
    Executive Director of Church Strengthening
  • Glenn Herschberger
    Executive Director of Church Planting
  • Sarah Motiff

The support I received in planting a new church was amazing. The values and mission of Converge help to keep our churches focused on Christ and building his church together.

Kevin McIlhany, CrossBridge Church, Ishpeming, Michigan