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The Converge Great Lakes team is here to support you as you reach into your community and around the world to help people meet, know and follow Jesus. Whether you prefer to call, email or fill out a short online form, we look forward to connecting with you.


P.O. Box 440

Columbus, WI 53925


Phone: 608.244.5000

Ken Nabi - ext. 701

Glenn Herschberger - ext. 702

Gary Harrison - ext. 703

Richard Brown - ext. 704

Sarah Motiff - ext. 705

Karen Nabi - ext. 706

Joni Renfro - ext. 707

Melanie Peterson - ext. 708

Archer Leupp - ext. 709

Jody Roll - ext. 700

Lisa L LaBatte - ext. 711


Office hours


8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. CST


Missionary donation assistance:
847.879.3235 // Email

Locations we serve


Upper Peninsula of Michigan

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National team

In addition to your local district team, your church has the support of the Converge national team to unify and strengthen our efforts as a movement. Together, Converge is family of churches where you can connect to other leaders to receive support, encouragement and prayer to help fulfill your calling and make a greater kingdom impact.

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