Life Insurance

Include Converge in Your Life Insurance Policies

You may give a policy you already own, assign the dividends as a gift, or name Converge as a beneficiary. Upon your death, the cash proceeds are given promptly and directly to Converge, without tax liability or administrative costs. In addition to estate tax benefits, you may also gain an income tax deduction for the premiums you pay.

Probably the Easiest Gift to Provide to Converge!

Naming Converge as a primary or secondary beneficiary to any of your life insurance policies is one of the easiest methods of providing a generous gift. Simply name “Converge” as a whole or partial beneficiary to any of your existing policies. While it varies from one insurer to another, this can often be done online with your insurer, or by requesting a simple paper form to sign and return to your insurer.

Kindly Inform Converge

While not required by law, to help assure your policy’s cash proceeds are given promptly to Converge following your death, kindly let us know that Converge is a named beneficiary in your policy(s). Although you may do so if you like, it is not necessary to inform us of amounts or percentages — only that Converge is a named beneficiary.

Need Help?

Call Steve Schultz at 1-800-323-4215 (ext. 3256) or email Steve now.

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