Provide a Time-honored, Lasting Legacy to Converge

Through your Last Will and Testament, you can leave a time-honored, lasting legacy to Converge, of being remembered after you go home to be with the Lord. Such charitable bequests generate an estate tax deduction.

The four types of primary bequests are:

  1. Specific
    Leaving a specified dollar amount or specific items of property to Converge.
  2. Percentage
    Bequeathing a certain percentage of the value of your estate to Converge.
  3. Residuary
    Leaving Converge whatever remains in your estate after specific amounts are allocated to other beneficiaries.
  4. Contingent
    Bequeathing Converge whatever remain after the death of the primary heir(s).

Kindly Inform Converge

While not required by law, to help assure your bequest to Converge takes place in a timely manner following your death, kindly let us know that Converge is a named beneficiary in your Last Will and Testament. Although you may do so if you like, it is not necessary to inform us of amounts or percentages — only that Converge is a named beneficiary.

Need Help?

Call Steve Schultz at 1-800-323-4215 (ext. 3256) or email Steve now.

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