Appreciated Property

Potential Tax Benefits

In general, you may receive substantial tax benefits when donating gifts of appreciated property (stocks and bonds, mutual fund shares, real estate/real property, artwork, jewelry, collectibles, commodities, etc.). Always consult with your tax advisor for specific rules which may apply when considering giving appreciated property to Converge.


Gifts of appreciated property which you have owned for at least one year are usually deductible for the full fair current market value at the time your donation is made, even though your original cost basis may be substantially less. Normally such gifts are deductible for the full fair market value for up to 30% of your adjusted gross income.

No Capital Gains Taxes

You will not owe capital gains taxes on the appreciated value (the difference between your original cost basis and the current market value) of the property you gift to a nonprofit organization like Converge.

Processing Your Gift of Appreciated Property or Other In-kind Gifts

Converge will directly process in-house your “Assets” gift of bonds, mutual fund shares and stocks (stocks which exceed $2,000 of value). For stock values less than $2,000 and for other appreciated assets, other tangible property or other in-kind gifts, Converge works with our partners at iDonate and National Christian Foundation to process your gifts.

Click on any of the follow buttons to explore or complete your in-kind gift to Converge (if the value of your stock gift exceeds $2,000, please call Lisa Johnson at 800-323-4215 (ext. 3257) prior to completing your “Assets” gift below):

Need Help?

Call Lisa Johnson at 1-800-323-4215 (ext. 3257) or email Lisa now.

IMPORTANT! After exploring stock, real estate or business interests options within the "Assets" button, please contact Steve Schultz or Lisa Johnson prior to completing your gift online, in order to assure maximum net proceeds given to Converge.

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