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Starting and Strengthening Churches!

Converge church projects are aimed specifically at starting and strengthening churches. Healthy local churches — with healthy leaders and healthy church members — are the culturally most effective means of helping people in their communities to meet, know and follow Jesus Christ.

Starting: Because we believe the life of Christ is meant to be reproduced from life to life and church to church, we are committed to planting new congregations. Our teams of Church Planting (U.S.), International Ministries (worldwide missions) and Intercultural Ministries (people group ministries) all work to help start new churches. Converge is now planting at a pace of one new church each week in the United States, and with our Converge partners at an even greater pace in several overseas nations. Glory to God!

Strengthening: Converge helps churches become stronger and more effective by providing options to work together with other churches for the greatest Kingdom impact. From our National Ministries (including prayer, chaplaincy, coaching, women's leadership, network gatherings, assessment and diversity) to World Relief, we help strengthen our existing churches in their efforts to make Christ known!

To learn more about key church projects you can consider supporting with your financial gifts, click here, or use the “Search” navigation menu (left sidebar), or use the green button (upper right).

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Giving to Converge

Converge is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) which serves as a monitoring agency to ensure that non-profit Christian ministries maintain the highest ethical standards. Voluntary ECFA membership requires full financial disclosure and the exercise of sound fundraising practices.

Converge allocates a portion of contributions to support services.

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