Ajami Bible Project

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish buthave eternal life.” John 3:16

Are you thankful that you can read these words? Are you thankful that you understand this very important message? Thousands of Muslim men and women cannot read these words or if they can read them, they do not understand them well. Why? These men and women have never been taught to read Roman script. They were, however, taught from childhood to read Arabic script.

Now, the Bible in several languages such as Fulfulde, the language of the Fulbe people in West Africa, is available in Arabic script for just $20 per copy. Please consider giving a gift so that these Arabic script Bibles can get into the hands of men and women in West Africa who are eager to know what the Bible really says about Jesus Christ and the true way to heaven.

Your tax-deductible gift can be made online or mail to Converge, 2002 S. Arlington Heights Rd., Arlington Heights, IL 60005-9935 and payable to Converge (use project number 89253). Thank you for your gift.

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