BSOP International Director

Dr. Dennis Nordine is responsible for the ongoing activity of the Filipino fieldworkers of Bethlehem Star of Peace (BSOP). He visits each field yearly and encourages the fieldworkers regularly thru e-mail and other electronic communication. He works regularly with each Field Director, advising them and providing direction in ministry of the workers in Thailand, Cambodia, |_a0s, and among M tribal peoples. Dennis coordinates with the candidate committee interviewing potential candidates for future missionary service with BSOP. BSOP is investigating expansion into several restricted access countries in Asia. Dennis leads the survey team looking at possible ministry partnerships in these areas. Melody Nordine also serves as an International Coach especially focusing on BSOP’s female fieldworkers and their needs. Dennis and Melody will lead two strategic short-term trips to SE Asia in 2015 and tentatively another two ministry trips in 2016. Dennis and Melody Nordine serve as unpaid volunteers with BSOP; donors can give toward their travel and ministry expenses.

BSOP International Director

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