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Filipinos have proven to be very effective cross-cultural missionaries. This missionary couple is formerly with Bethlehem Star of Peace now serving as bi-vocational workers in a restricted access country in SE Asia accountable to their home church, Tacloban Bible Community, Philippines.

In order to gain access and a visa to this country they have chosen that one of them would work in a secular teaching job and do ministry on the side. This would also give them contact with hundreds of students and their parents. However, this would not provide enough income to support a family and do ministry.

Your donations allow one of them to work full time in ministry and gives them ministry funds so that the one who teaches can also be involved in ministry part time. They work together with other overseas contract workers from the Philippines in making friends, sharing God’s love with them, and discipling them in small groups. Thank you for supporting their ministry in this needy country.

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