KaRen Water Projects

Clean water is out of reach for most KaRen communities. For people who are the poorest in Thailand, the KaRen drink water from contaminated water sources exposing them to harmful microbes and chemicals. The child mortality rate in the mountains is very high due to lack of sanitation and clean water. A practical sustainable solution to these issues is the household bio-sand water filter. At a cost of 35 dollars for each filter, a family will have an opportunity for clean drinking water and at least an 85% improvement in health.

This is a sustainable solution for pastors as they can construct and sell filters and continue to do full time ministry. Currently many KaRen churches have been closing as churches are too poor to support a pastor and his family. All the materials for the filters can be purchased or found locally in Thailand. Maintenance for the water filter is minimal and if cared for properly, the filter will last for many years. It is also a useful evangelistic tool as many villages that have never heard the name of Jesus Christ yet have a need for clean water. Consider giving a gift that will bring life to a family or a village. The cost is 35 dollars for a family filter, 575 dollars for clean water for a whole village.

Water Filter

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    Point - September 2018

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