Building Tomorrow Today Scholarships

Young national Christians are the future of the church and the best hope for reaching this 99.9% M*sl*m people group with the Good News. Yet, their inability to read and write well is a significant liability. But public schools here are plagued with large class sizes, frequent teacher strikes, poor facilities, and large class sizes.

A great alternative is small, inexpensive private schools that already exist. The education is significantly better than in Senegal’s public schools, yet most parents simply cannot afford better schooling for their children. Many families spend 90% of their meager income on rent, food, and clothing, leaving little for medical needs and school expenses.

We are partnering with a national church to provide scholarships for the children of low-income Christians. At a very reasonable cost, we can help the small national church in this 95% Muslim country grow in intellectual, economic, and ministry capacity. The Church of Jesus Christ will be stronger tomorrow because of our investment in them today.

Please join our Building Tomorrow Today scholarship program. Scholarships cover school fees, basic supplies, and a school uniform.

We currently have four students in need of a sponsor. To sponsor a specific child, please contact us at

Building Tomorrow Today Scholarships
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