The Great Sea Initiative

The Great Sea Initiative is asking God for a gospel movement among Muslims in each of the 21 nations that border the Mediterranean Sea. There are over 300 million Muslims living in these nations — 250 million of those people are considered unreached. That means that in their culture and language less than 2 percent of the population are followers of Jesus.

The Great Sea Initiative exists to see gospel movements among these people. We want churches that plant churches and disciples that make disciples. We focus on the following to accomplish this mission:

  • We find, equip and deploy missionaries in effective teams
  • We develop national partners in each country
  • We engage in prayer networks for each worker, national partner, country and the initiative
  • We form and develop leaders everywhere we are 
  • We partner with U.S. churches

For more information please contact our initiative leader, Jeff

To give financially to this initiative just make a donation on this page.

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