Syrian Refugee Aid

The Syrian Crisis

The Syrian war and is its subsequent refugee crisis have moved in and out of the media for the past 4 years. At times we in America are consumed by it, appalled by it, and deeply affected because of it, but at other times we forget it is even happening. But for the literally millions of people who have fled their homes, and more who are still enduring the war from inside Syria's borders, the situation hasn't changed. Their lives haven't fluctuated the way our interests do. 

There are currently over 1 million Syrian refugees registered with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Lebanon. However, the UNHCR has suspended new registrations in the past year, and, therefore, the estimated number is much higher. Lebanon itself is a country of 4 million people, meaning nearly a quarter of the people living in Lebanon (possibly more) are now Syrian. The strain and the toll that it is taking on the Lebanese people, government, and infrastructure cannot be underestimated. Lebanon simply cannot provide a stable home for these people, many of whom are not much different than you and I. They enjoyed stable, middle class lives prior to the war. Now they are forced to live in sub par housing and often don't know how they will feed their family next week. 

The Church's Response

This is where the church steps in. In partnership with Tyre Church, a Converge family is working to provide basic needs to the Syrian people in the cities of Tyre and Tripoli, while never forgetting that their spiritual needs are much greater. They regularly share the message of hope and life through Jesus Christ, and many of Syrian are growing in their understanding of Jesus and some are even giving their lives to follow him. But this is not possible if they are unable to care for them and love them physically as well. This is where we need your help. We are seeking to love and support these people in three ways.

Food Portions

Each month we desire to give basic food packages (rice, oil, flour, etc.) to roughly 100 families. Each food package costs $25. The United Nations was recently forced to suspend their food voucher program and, therefore, this has become a significant need among the refugee families.

Sewing factory

Winter Preparations

Due to generous donations in the past, Tyre Church was able to outfit a small sewing factory and train a few of the Syrian women on how to sew clothes and blankets. Typically, a blanket costs $11 to purchase and distribute. Through the sewing factory we are able to produce blankets at a cost of $8 per blanket. This includes paying each of the ladies for their work. So instead of being able to purchase 100 blankets for $1100, we can make an additional 35 blankets plus provide a seasonal income for a few families.

Medical Assistance

The majority of Syrian refugees have some kind of medical need, whether it is regular blood pressure medication, antibiotics for sick children, severe handicaps, or cancer. The medical needs are ongoing and they simply cannot afford to care for them. At Tyre Church we operate a clinic which sees patients once a week and is able to assist with basic healthcare needs. We would love to be able to provide financial assistance for some of the more difficult cases, and a portion of the funds given to the Syrian Refugee Aid fund will do just that. 

All donations will be directly overseen by a Converge family and in partnership with the local Lebanese Church.

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