Thailand Conference

In our new role with Converge’s Diaspora Initiative, not to mention our on-going work as disciple makers in West Africa, Bruce has been invited to participate in an international conference hosted by Vision 5:9. This conference will provide unprecedented opportunities for networking, as well as, a venue for understanding and discussing global trends and best practices in engaging Muslims for Christ. The conference will attempt to answer the following questions:

What is God saying to us as we together abide in Him?
What is the Muslim world now saying to us?
What are we (particularly those from a Muslim background) saying to one another?
What is God telling us to do?

1. Networking
2. Understanding global trends (particularly among the Muslim diaspora)
3. Learning and applying best/fruitful practices in reaching Muslims with the gospel
4. Equipping for transferring valuable information to coworkers and church partners engaged in outreach to Muslims

The total cost of the project is $1900 which covers airfare, food, lodging and documentation.

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    Point - September 2018

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