One by One Haiti: Melchizedek School Christmas Gifts

Sponsors enjoying sending a yearly monetary Christmas gift to his/her child. Please send $15 or less per gift. This gift is not tax deductible. Allow 2 months for delivery,



Gift funds are wired to our U.S.-based Haitian Ministry Director, then hand-delivered to your child’s school. The school principal contacts parents/guardians of younger children to sign for funds and purchase a gift. Older students receive funds directly and purchase gifts. Typical gifts are small toys, clothes, food or an animal to raise, such as a chicken, goat or pig.


Important Note 

Gifts are wired to our Haitian Ministry Director as they are received. For your child to receive a Christmas gift in December, please send your funds in October.


School donations

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One by One Haiti: Melchizedek School Gifts
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