Nordic-Baltic Initiative

Bill Ankerberg serves as the Converge International Ministries Regional Director for Nordic-Baltic ministries.

The Nordic-Baltic region consists of seven countries... Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. For centuries these countries had vibrant, growing Christian communities. But political censure and cultural drifting in each of these nations has dimmed the light of Christ to the point of near darkness.

A total of 31.9 million people live in the Nordic-Baltic region. Only 1.4% percent of them (i.e. less than half a million people) are evangelical, born-again Christians. For every person who has a committed relationship with Christ, 71 do not. We are called to reach out to these brothers and sisters to reintroduce them to a life empowered by a belief in the risen Christ.

Converge has had a presence in Estonia for the past twelve years. In that time the Gospel has been shared through publication of evangelical books translated into the Estonian language, leadership training and development, pastors' renewals, youth ministry, English and sports camps, family counseling, outreach concerts, as well as the construction of a playground and several churches. Our Estonian partners have leveraged this involvement to grow existing churches, recruit and train Christian leaders and lead hundreds of people to Christ. This is a model we can replicate in each of the Nordic-Baltic countries, a model which has the potential to break up the spiritual soil in these nations to produce a rich harvest for the Kingdom.

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