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“Neonatal mortality rate in the Philippines is still high, with 17 infants dying per 1,000 live births within the first 28 days of life.” This is more than triple the rate in the USA & Canada. You can help save lives and assist the urban poor thorough the build of the Daughters of Faith Lying In Clinic. It’s a place where women can come for prenatal care, deliver and post natal care. Here they learn about God’s love for them and their baby. Where committed Christian midwives take time to pray for and encourage women and their families.

This project has 4 phases:

Phase 1 – The purchase of property to house the clinic. – Thanks to generous gifts this phase has been completed!

Phase 2 – The building of the birthing facility.

Phase 3 – The building of a midwifery residence. Allowing a midwife to be present at all times.

Phase 4 – The construction of a multipurpose room (for prenatal, parenting, health, Bible and other classes, as well as children’s ministries, community groups and more).

Phases 2-4 each cost around $68,000.00 (depending on exchange rates and building costs)

A gift to this project not only saves lives (of mothers & babies) but provides a location for other types of ministry in this community {plenty of which is already happening but is hindered by a need for more space}.

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